Our Mission

The mission of the Tony Smith Sculpture Project (TSSP) is to make the life, work, and impact of artist Tony Smith easily accessible and beneficial to the public.

Through the support of public art projects, such as Smith’s sculpture TAU, the Lennie Pierro Memorial Arts Foundation (LPMAF), which sponsors the project, seeks to enrich the lives not only of residents of Smith’s hometown, South Orange, but of visitors from all communities.

The on-going work of the TSSP and LPMAF (named after the late artist and art educator, Lennie Pierro of South Orange), is supported chiefly by private donations.

Master Plan

Master Plan

The sculpture is installed, but our work is not done. Your help is still needed.
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Tony Smith Sculpture Project

The Lennie Pierro Memorial Arts Foundation (LPMAF) was created in 2002 in honor of the passing of longtime Village resident Lennie Pierro, co-founder of the Pierro Gallery of South Orange. After visiting the Tony Smith retrospective at MoMA in 1998, it became Pierro’s dream to bring a Smith sculpture to his hometown. LPMAF proposed a community partnership to the South Orange Board of Trustees to achieve this goal. Smith’s widow Jane generously gifted the right to fabricate the sculpture TAU in honor of her husband. With financial support from The Village and donations from hundreds of private individuals through the LPMAF, TAU was sited, fabricated, and installed in Meadowland Park in 2008. Related arts education programs in district schools continue to be funded by LPMAF. In addition to that funding, a group of volunteers from the community worked together to realize the details of siting, installation, promotion, maintenance, and education about the sculpture. Members of The Tony Smith Sculpture Project (TSSP) continue their work today to enhance viewing, enjoyment, and learning from TAU. If you are interested in becoming a part of the TSSP, click here. The acquisition of a sculpture by an artist of Smith’s caliber enhances the quality of life in our town and in surrounding communities.


MARILYN HAYDEN, Vice President, Fundraising
JO JOCHNOWITZ, Vice President
CHERYL ARNEDT, Past Vice President, Fundraising


Theresa Burns
Petra Chu
Paul Golden
Patrice Henderson
Bryna Linett
Bernice Napach
John Nye
Kathy Nye
Peter Shapiro
Hilda Silverman
Larry Solan

Jane Smith, artist's wife
Jane Smith, wife of Tony Smith
Student drawing of sculpture
Student’s drawing of Tau